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Meat Costings Professional is the best selling software from Lakers Software cmb that is used by butchers and meat cutters to help keep up with the changes in prices for meat products and maintain profit margins. This is especially useful when wholesale meat prices increase. Obviously retail meat prices have to be increased if you are to keep to you required gross profit margin.

Unlike any spreadsheet you can experiment with retail meat pricing, say putting a particular meat cut on special offer, and see how it effects your overall profit margin from the butchered primal. Normally the software sells for 49.99 GBP or 79.99 USD but we

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Butchers have an unusual business model. Meat is brought at wholesale prices for a particular wholesale cut (in the U.S. primal). However when the wholesale cut is then further butchered for retail purposes the prices of the meat varies depending on the cut. Steak is obviously more expensive than say ground beef. Meat Costing Professional helps the butcher decide on the retail prices to maintain the profit margin.

have found a special offer coupon page that you wont see in any search engines where providing you pay in GBP gives you a saving of 25%. That brings down the cost to just 37.49 GBP.

To read about how Meat Costings Professional works for you as a meat cutter or a butcher then click here. The page will open in a new window. Once you have decided that you want to buy the software then come back to this page and click this link

Meatcostings Software 25% discount coupon page

This is the link that will take you to the special pricing page.

Meat Costing professional will work for any country, currency, weight unit or butchered meat including chicken, beef, pork, lamb or even kangaroo!

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