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Red Robin restaurant started out in the 1940s as Sam’s Tavern, the name changed to Sam’s Red Robin and then, to what it is now, Red Robin. The chain has grown so that it now operates 400 restaurants across the US. There have been some important milestones in Red Robin’s long history, starting with their first franchise in 1979 to Mike and Steve Snyder, later to become The Synder Group Company.

In 1980, Red Robin opened its first restaurant outside of Washington. This new restaurant was in Portland. A year later in 1983, Red Robin introduced their new mascot a robin named ‘Red’. This proved to be a marketing success and ‘Red’ became a hit with children all over America launching the Red Robin chain all over the US. In the year 2000, Red Robin teamed up with The Snyder Group Company and together they opened the 150th Red Robin restaurant in the US. They started to offer discounts, offers, coupons and deals and continue to have great savings today! By 2008 the number of restaurants had grown to 400 in the US.

 The has grown so fast for one simple reason, the quality of their food. Customers keep red-robin-restaurantsgoing back for more, once you’ve had a Red Robin hamburger, you’ll want to go back to.

Like the majority of businesses, Red Robin provides an promotions section on their website giving shoppers the possibility to help save some cash. A lot of companies include an offers and coupons page on their site in order to give people bargains and special discounts and catch the attention of new consumers to their own products and services.

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