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KFC is short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it is based in Kentucky! Harland Sanders opened his first restaurant in 1930 and it was so successful that he was given the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel in 1935. He went on the road to start selling his chicken to other restaurants, his first customer was Pete Harman. Sanders and Harman opened their first ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ in 1952.

In just 8 years Kentucky Fried Chicken had 600 franchised stores across the US. KFC is 100% owned by YUM! Brands, with an income of over half a billion each year and 24,000 employees. KFC operates in over 100 countries all over the world. As the name suggests, KFC sells chicken,and hey have a number of chicken products from Chicken Wings to Chicken Burgers. You can make great savings when you next visit a KFC restaurant by using free printable coupons, coupon codes, specials, online promos and other deals and discounts. There is a KFC in nearly every state of the USA and one in each continent of the world except Antarctica.

Just like the majority of companies, KFC provides a deals page in their website giving their particular consumers the possibility to help save some money. Many businesses include an offers and coupons section on their internet site to be able to give their customers deals and special discounts and attract new consumers to their own products or services.

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