Coca Cola coupons

Coca Cola coupons, you’ve probably used some at one time or another for one of the worlds most popular soft drink but did you know that all coupons that are around today are thanks to Coca Cola. It’s true, just as the familiar Santa Claus we see today, an elderly

Coca Cola Coupons

Save money on anything with thanks to the coca cola company.

man with a white beard and red robe was a character in a Coca Cola advertisement (sorry kids), the first coupon was produced by the Coca Cola company to promote a previously unknown brand of soda!

The first coupon was used by a clever marketeer called Asa Candler. In 1887 Business tycoon Asa Candler, who later in life became the 44th mayor of Atlanta, founded the company we know today as the Coca Cola company. In just eight years the marketing expertise employed by Candler meant the company could claim that Coca Cola was served in every state of America.

To do that the company used it’s sales reps and employees to distribute coupons for a free complimentary Coca Cola drink. Coca Cola coupons were also printed in magazines and newspapers and sent in the mail. An astonishing fact is that between 1894 and 1913 over eight and a half million free Coca Cola drinks were claimed by Americans.

Coupons were also used by the appropriately named C. W. Post who picked up on the idea in a modified form to help to sell breakfast cereals and other grocery products. And the use of coupons to help sell or market new products or to increase market share of an existing product is still employed by companies in these modern times. Amazingly, according to wikipedia, a staggering 2,800 corporation use coupons of one type or another and the value of all the coupons redeemed in 2010 amounted to nearly four billion dollars in the U.S. alone.

Considering that it is believed that less than 3% of all coupons printed are actually used, means that the total value of all the coupons available this year would amount to a staggering one hundred and twenty billion dollars! Or if that number is too big to visualize, that’s four hundred dollars for everyone in the USA!

So thank Coca Cola for enabling you to save money on nearly anything you can buy at the supermarket. Of course Coca Cola coupons are still about. You can find details of any current special offers from Coca Cola by clicking here to go surf  their website.

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