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FTD stands for the Florists’ Transworld Delivery and it is a floral wire service that operates all over the US. FTD was first formed in 1910 and was then called the Florists’ Telegraph Deliver, but has since changed it’s name.

The FTD allows people to send flowers to anybody all over the US using florists that are part of it’s network. This association of retailers first started by allowing people to serve each others customers by exchanging orders via telegraph. However, with the advance of modern technology most of it’s business is done online.

You can save money when buying flowers for any occasion, by getting FTD coupons and deals. People buy and send flowers for many occasions and it can be expensive especially around certain holidays. You might send your loved one flowers on Valentine’s Day, or even to your mother on Mother’s day. But whatever the reason for sending flowers, people love to save money!

FTD doesn’t only send flowers, there are a range of products that can be sent through the FTD network. For example you could send gift boxes, teddy bears, jewellery and more for any reason at all. So if someone lives far away from you, or you would just like to surprise

FTD roses in a vase

Everyone loves to get a gift of flowers for those special occasions. FTD have so many arrangements you'll be spoilt for choices!

somebody then sending them a gift via FTD is a brilliant way to show somebody that you care.

It’s easy to save money and you just have to carry out just a few simple steps and you could be saving money using FTD flower coupons and offers in no time at all.

First, most companies like FTD have coupons and deals available on their website for their customers to use. I’ve put the link to their website at the bottom of this blog post, so just visit their website and check out all the amazing offers and deals that they have, some in

FTD online flower delivery

There's is no quicker way to get your flowers delivered than by using the trusted FTD. You can save money on your flower purchase by making special use of their offers and printable coupons.

the form of printable coupons.

Secondly to continue to be updated with their latest offers, you should  sign up to their free e-newsletter. You will get coupons and deals sent directly to your email address without having to do anything. Don’t worry about getting bombarded with emails from other companies as FTD flowers have an excellent privacy policy and you can opt out at any time.  Convincing then just bear in mind that  sometimes you will be sent exclusive deals and coupons that aren’t available anywhere else either on the Internet or in print!

Thirdly, FTD use both Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They sometimes put notices and information about coupons, deals and offers on these social networks.

There are a number of advantages for getting FTD flower coupons and deals directly from their website, newsletters and social networks accounts. You will sometimes see some websites say that they have coupons or coupon codes available but don’t work 100% of the time. Some websites say their coupons only have 50% success rate. However, if you get coupons and deals directly from FTD you can be sure that they will work all of the time and not just half of the time.

Just make sure that you follow any terms and conditions to ensure that you qualify to redeem the coupons and you will be saving money right away!

Click this link now to go to the FTD website and check out what they have on offer today!

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