Coupons Article #2

Coupons. I am going to write directly to you about this subject because obviously you are interested in them. You may already collect and use coupons for your shopping, whether the coupons you have are for groceries, baby goods, gardening or whatever BUT are you really making the most of the savings you can make.

I want to give you a scenario. Let’s say you are having one of those lucky days in your life and for no apparent reason someone was to come up to you and give you just a dollar bill. One greenback. What would you do apart from being surprised and possibly saying thank you? Would you walk up the street and throw it in the nearest trash can? No, of course you wouldn’t you would put it in your wallet or purse and add it to the cash you already have and walk away as pleased as punch.

Now imagine that a hundred people came up to you and each of them gave you a dollar. You would have a hundred dollars for free! A hundred dollars is a significant amount of cash to get for free.

Well that’s what supermarkets, grocery stores, product manufacturers, businesses are doing all the while! They don’t come up to you in the street personally of course but they offer you coupons all the time in newspaper, magazines, mail outs and on the Internet. And having a free money off coupon is the same as having money in your pocket!

Here’s a staggering fact! If you were to use every coupon you could find on everything you buy week in and week out, experts have calculated that you could save up to 10% of your expenditure over the course of a year. Imagine what that would be for you. $1000, $2000, $3000. A 10% saving means you could live more or less free for a month a year!

So don’t throw this money away! Get in the habit of collecting coupons for anything you can find even if you don’t intend to use them straight away. There might be a day when you want to. And one last thing you should remember! A dollar saved is two dollars you don’t have to earn!

About Colin Jones

I am just a normal person who loves to save money. I like to spend money too though so the more I save the more I can spend. I think that makes sense!

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